360 Sports Software, LLC
Brian Manning
President/Chief Executive Officer
Brian Manning

Originally conceiving of the idea for OnePlaybook in the summer of 2004, Brian has been working on and revising his idea since. As a 2006 graduate of Trinity College with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Brian has always had a passion for both technology and sports.

A former collegiate football player at Trinity College for three years, Brian has worked extensively with many coaches of different sports. He has also been involved in the high school level as a football and lacrosse captain, and in the youth level, as a lacrosse camp coordinator. He has taken college courses in coaching as well as computer science.

Christopher Klaiber
Chief Technology Officer
Chris Klaiber

Graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and minors in both Computational Mathematics and German from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Chris is now pursuing the corporate life.

Chris has varied software development and project management experience with companies ranging from local to Fortune 500. Also, as a high school athlete, Chris played both football and lacrosse.